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Swiss Cheese, Snow, Alps and Good Friends

A shot from our trip last year to Garmish

What better thing to do when you live near the Swiss Alps?  Besides drink a lot of beer, and eat cheese fondue…  Ski in the Swiss Alps!  That is the next trip in February!  The group still has a lot of planning to still do, that is if we want a hotel, ski’s, and a mountain to ski on.

We are going with our good friends and hopefully the group will be about 3-4 other couples.  We hope to rent a Chalet and have a blast before our group of friends gets dispersed all over the world 😦

As many of you know skiing isn’t my… given gift.  I have asked Kyle to take me out at least one time before so I can get over my nervous/anxious/blah feeling towards skiing.  All the same what I really want to do is snowshoe!  Unfortunately, to Kyle that is torture.  Luckily for me I think I can get some of the others to steal away a day with me and we will wonder the alps together!  Now that sounds fantastic, right?!

All the same I am excited to relax in a Swiss Chalet with friends and just enjoy the moments 🙂

Any skiing tips from all of you would be mostly appreciated!  I know Jacee (my lovely cousin) has seen the most of my terrible moments while skiing.  She know moguls aren’t my friend!

Until the next post!