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Me in Rome - Taken by Kyle

Here it is.  I am finally starting a blog, I figure it’s  a new year so I will try and write it all down.  As most of you know my memory is selective and somethings/most things I can forget pretty easily.  When I have tried keeping journals in the past and, more often than not, stopped writing a couple weeks in.  I love going back and reading those journals because I then remember all the small details (sometimes big details) that I simply forgot.   This will be different, I won’t stop, until the time is right that is.

This will be my place to write what is going on with me.  I am sure you are all very enthrolled with my life (WHAT?!)  You mean you aren’t??  Well no problem, this writing is for me, and I merley hope to make it entertaining to read for any of those interested.  As I live pretty far away from my friends and family this will be a good chance to keep in touch and let you all know what I am up to over in Germany.

I am starting to be more fit, healthy, balanced and creative this year.  Reading more books, taking new and very unknown paths and I hope to share it all with you but also by writing it out I hope to understand it myself!  We have lots of fun trips planned this year and exciting things coming up!

Since sometimes I can’t be surrounded by everyone physically this is my way of keeping in touch with you!  I want all of your opinions as I know you all have one!  I can’t wait to talk to all of you and I invite you to join me this year, figuring things out.  I love every one of you and look forward to shenanigans to come!




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  1. Monique said:

    Annie! This is such a cute website! 🙂 I love it! Hope you and Kyle are doing well!

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