Here's to a Creative Life

Definition: Active Duty Girlfriend – A partner in crime/best friend/lover with an active duty solider (don’t worry reservists I include you too.)

The United States Military, Air Force, Army and Navy.  The power behind them is literally explosive and the punch they pack is second to none in the world.  For most American’s we “Support Our Troops” put a magnet on our car, donate money, or sent care packages.  We know they are now fighting a war along with other nations in the world, even if we don’t exactly know what’s going.  They are in harm’s way, they live on a base and wear uniforms to be spotted out easily when they aren’t training in the woods or desert.  For most American’s this is what we know.  What we don’t know is that only 1% of the U.S. population serves in the military and we may have friends in the military or know someone who knows someone, but for some it is much closer.  For the husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, girlfriends and boyfriends in the military it is much more than a few sentences.

I am a girlfriend to a man in the military, active duty.  Before we met I had a little idea what the military did. I knew they fought war, making it sound simple.  I would see the T.V. news about The War on Terror, and the many wars before them.  Shame on me,  I was lucky if I could remember the different wars the U.S. has been in, let alone what time in history.  (Does it make it better that I am at least admitting it,  No?  Okay moving on…) I supported our troops.   I then was caught in a landslide, learning the true meaning of the military, which I am still learning everyday and hope to help those doing the same.

Acronyms, coffee meets, Joe’s, Leather necks, wives.  As a girlfriend I viewed this world as something I was almost above, I was well educated and still thought I could rule the world.  Well, there’s nothing like Uncle Sam to humble you.  In the time I have been here I have been humbled, I have meet people I can only imagine what they have seen, I have seen families broken, and true happiness when your loved one comes home from deployment.  I have been brought to tears, more times than I would like to count.  I will talk more about my specific situation a little later (can’t give all the juicy details!)

It’s easy to isolate yourself in the Military, fortunately for me I won’t do that.  So I will write, about my troubles, my many confusions with the Military, and share my humbling experiences.  If anything I hope for something entertaining to read, maybe a break from wherever you are, or help if you are in the same situation.   This should be fun 🙂


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