Here's to a Creative Life


You know in old movies where people are waiting weeks upon weeks to receive letters in the mail?  Hoping to hear from their husbands, or waiting for all the family gossip.  With e-mail and technology we can know almost instantly who said what to their boss in Germany, or who was caught kissing at the corner coffee shop in California.  I ran across this at a blog that I love keeping up with, Shey b!

A small community of Pen Pals!  I know there are lots of actually websites out there for Pen Pals, but I happen to find hers first and just love the idea!  I still love getting letters in the mail, and it will be nice knowing they won’t all be from the bank!

Click here to learn more and sign up!  Also remember it’s free and a nice (retro) way to meet new people!

I signed up and I hope you do as well!



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