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As everyone has an opinion as to what I should do when Kyle gets deployed and in order for me to really get a firm grasp on what you all think, I would love it if you could take ponder at my new Poll!

Now, if you are going to vote, it would only be fair for you to also comment and elaborate on what you voted for.  I mean we are talking some serious decisions here, so don’t hold back 🙂


Comments on: "Choices, Choices!" (5)

  1. Krista said:

    I was happy that I could vote for 2 options. My votes were to either go to grad school or come home to friends and family. Or, you could do both: grad school close to friends and family. At least being on the same continent with you would be fantastic!

  2. Alice said:

    Hello Honey – just wanted you to know – you could go to grad school – and I know that you have a lot of wonderful friends in Germany that you met – the question her should be – what do you truly want to do – Kyle will be gone for a year – it is really not that easy a choice – you love Kyle and I know that he loves you – tell me your feelings – I want to hear what you want to do. You know that I love you and I believe that decision will be your decision and what you feel good about and what is the right thing for you to do. Love you honey,

    • The more it comes down to it I think coming home might be a good option. I can be with my family and friends there. It is also much easier to take classes back at home. I really want to take, art classes, writing classes, and well everything else! I do get to audit classes at Westminster so I should take advantage of that while I have a free year! A lot of my friends here (Germany) are actually going to be leaving by the time Kyle leaves so it might not be too beneficial to stay here. 2 years might be enough in Germany, I don’t think I can do another winer 🙂 Although, Australia is pretty tempting! Now to think about how to ship all my stuff home?? Ekk…

  3. Carol Drewes said:

    Hi Annie,

    First of all I love your blog – I saw your reference to it on Facebook. My vote is for you to come home of course it’s selfish but you are fun to have around! Good luck!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Carol

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